Viper Track Club

Viper Track Club is a fun yet competitive youth track & field club. The team welcomes athletes of all ages. We love to teach athletes that are new to the sport & helping athletes that want to improve upon what they already know.

Viper Track Club was founded in 2011 by the current club president & head coach Maurice Bell. The initial desire was to provide quality track and field experiences for any child that had the desire to run. He started the Long Branch Track Club in 1996 and watched it grow from a local club to one of statewide prominence boasting many National Qualifiers.

Since its inception, the club has been committed to providing kids of all abilities with the opportunity to participate in competitive track and field. Under the guidance of the club's dedicated and experienced coaching staff, young athletes learn the fundamentals for success both on and off the track. The club's goal-oriented approach to athletic development challenges boys and girls to be their very best and experience the joy found in both individual and team accomplishment.

As the club continues to grow, we hope to build a great history that includes you. Those who have come before have had a great experience. We are proud of our current and former athletes who are doing well on their middle & high school teams and those that have continued their track and field success at the College level.
If you are an athlete looking for a place to call home, look into Viper TC.

Your membership includes:

  • a uniform for new members
  • personalized coaching
  • entry into all regular competitions
  • entry into all AAU & USATF qualifiers
  • nutrition counseling
  • **Qualifying for & participating in the Junior Olympics will incur additional costs.